Unconventional Heist: Man Uses Vintage Nintendo Game Controller in South Carolina Robbery

A man in South Carolina allegedly robbed a store using a gun-shaped controller from the 1980s Nintendo game "Duck Hunt."

In a bizarre incident, David Joseph Dalesandro, 25, was apprehended after reportedly robbing a Kwik Stop convenience store in Sharon, South Carolina. The suspect entered the store wearing a mask, wig, and hoodie, brandishing a spray-painted Nintendo game pistol resembling the gun controller from the popular game “Duck Hunt.” Armed with the fake weapon, Dalesandro demanded money from the cash register, making off with approximately $300.

The York County Sheriff’s Office swiftly located Dalesandro in a nearby Dollar General store parking lot, where he was found with the distinctive Duck Hunt pistol concealed in his pants. He was promptly arrested and taken into custody at the York County Detention Center.

Duck Hunt, originally released in the 1980s for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), involves shooting virtual ducks flushed out by a faithful dog. Players use the NES Zapper, a game pistol, to aim at targets on the television screen.

The unusual choice of weapon in this robbery adds an unexpected twist to the criminal act, highlighting the influence of popular culture on real-life incidents. The investigation into the case continues as authorities delve into the motives behind the unique choice of the vintage Nintendo game controller in the commission of this crime.