Unwanted backup singers interrupt ‘The Bodyguard’ musical in England

Two audience members were removed from a performance of "The Bodyguard" in Manchester, UK, after singing along to the finale despite warnings.

Theatergoers generally adhere to the unwritten rule of not singing along to a musical, but a few errant patrons broke that rule during a performance of “The Bodyguard” musical in England’s Palace Theatre in Manchester. The show ended abruptly on Friday when two unruly members were removed for singing over the performers, spoiling the experience for other viewers.

The musical features Whitney Houston’s famous ballad “I Will Always Love You,” and the audience was warned beforehand not to sing during the show. Ushers even carried signs saying, “Please refrain from singing.” Tash Kenyon, one of the attendees, explained that a few people in the crowd became restless during the closing number. Somebody shouted, “Does this mean we can start singing now?” and a tone-deaf voice started competing with the lead singer’s vocals.

The audience went from laughing to angry and confused, with people screaming, audible gasps, and chants of “out, out, out” from other viewers. When the lights came on, the show was canceled due to the disruptive behavior, and security removed the singers from their seats. Audience members began cheering after they left.

Greater Manchester Police has spoken to the two culprits who were removed by theater security and are reviewing evidence before taking any action. Meanwhile, the Palace Theatre spokesperson has stated that the show was canceled due to the disruption caused by the duo who refused to remain seated.