Violent Brawl Erupts at Los Angeles Shopping Center

A group fight broke out at The Grove outdoor mall, captured on video. Police responded to the scene but made no arrests. It remains unclear what led to the altercation.

A violent altercation occurred at The Grove, a popular outdoor mall in Los Angeles, on Sunday afternoon. The incident, which was captured on video, shows a group of people fighting in one of the mall’s streets, with a security guard standing nearby. The brawl then spills onto the sidewalk, with multiple individuals seen throwing punches and a man having his shirt ripped off.

Despite a bystander questioning the whereabouts of the police and security, it took officers several minutes to arrive at the scene. The Los Angeles Police Department reports that between eight to ten boys were involved in the altercation, and while several suspects were escorted to their cars, no arrests were made.

The cause of the brawl remains unclear at this time.