Violent Robbery at Taco Truck in South Los Angeles Under Investigation

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a taco truck in South LA where a man was assaulted and cash was stolen.

In the late hours of Sunday near the intersection of 103rd Avenue and S. Avalon Boulevard, a disturbing incident unfolded as an armed suspect targeted a taco truck, leading to an assault and robbery. According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the suspect, estimated to be between 26 and 30 years old, approached the truck and forcefully ordered the workers to hand over cash. Shockingly, he held one man at gunpoint during the ordeal.

Footage from security cameras captured the harrowing incident as the suspect demanded cash from the targeted individual. Accompanied by an accomplice, described as an 18 to 20-year-old man, they swiftly fled the scene in a potentially white Honda Accord.

Thankfully, the victim did not sustain any serious injuries during the traumatic event. However, the LAPD’s Southeast station is determined to bring justice and has urged anyone with information about the robbery to come forward. Individuals can contact the LAPD at 213-972-7828, while anonymous tipsters can reach out to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or visit

The investigation into this violent crime continues, with authorities committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.