Volkswagen Unveils Long-Wheelbase Model of ID.Buzz Electric Bus in California

Volkswagen reveals the long-wheelbase version of the ID.Buzz electric bus, paying homage to the iconic VW Bus at a festival in California.

Volkswagen announced on the 7th that they unveiled the long-wheelbase model of the ID.Buzz electric bus, known as the “VW Bus,” for the first time in the world on the 2nd in California, USA. The ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase model was showcased at the largest brand event in the US, the VW Bus Festival, held near Huntington Beach, symbolizing a tribute to the many fans eagerly awaiting the revival of the iconic Volkswagen bus.

Although the “VW Bus” withdrew from the US and Canadian markets 20 years ago, with the T4 model being the last, it still continues to receive passionate love from enthusiasts worldwide. Even as of 2023, one can easily spot a Volkswagen bus in beach parking lots in California, Florida, and Long Island. By introducing the ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase model equipped with rear-wheel drive electric powertrain, Volkswagen announced its return to the North American market with the Volkswagen bus.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, stated, “Volkswagen is a strong global brand with a rich history, legendary models, and millions of dedicated fans. This is evident at the VW Bus Festival, the largest event of its kind in the US.” He added, “Through the ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase, Volkswagen has taken a significant step towards becoming a truly beloved brand once again.”

Pablo Di Si, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group America, emphasized the perfect combination of the Volkswagen bus and the United States, stating, “Volkswagen buses and the US are a perfect match. They have a long history and hold a true ‘cult’ status. Our goal is to strengthen the Volkswagen brand in the United States, and the ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase model aligns perfectly with this goal.”

The ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase model, optimized for the North American market, measures 4,962mm in length and accommodates up to 7 seats. In Europe, the addition of the long-wheelbase model expands the options alongside the existing 5-seater ID.Buzz. With an increased wheelbase of 250mm, it enables a cargo space of 2,469L and the installation of a larger 85kWh battery. Additionally, it incorporates a new heat pump system to further enhance the vehicle’s efficiency during winter.

The new electric motor in the ID.Buzz delivers a maximum output of 210kW (286 horsepower), with a top speed electronically limited to 160km/h. In 2024, a four-wheel-drive GTX model with a maximum output of 250kW (339 horsepower) is scheduled to be released. The vehicle also features a head-up display, upgraded next-generation infotainment system, and a remote parking system using smartphones.

Furthermore, the advanced smart glass panoramic sunroof, reminiscent of the legendary Samba Bus from the 1950s, is being introduced. With an area of 1.5 square meters, it is the largest glass roof ever installed in a Volkswagen model. The smart glass offers electronically controlled tinting, allowing transparency adjustments through touch sliders or voice recognition.

The market launch of the ID.Buzz in the United States will begin in 2024, followed by launches in Europe and other regions around the same time.

Meanwhile, the celebration of the debut of the ID.Buzz Long-wheelbase model will continue at the International VW Bus Festival, the largest Volkswagen bus gathering in Europe. The festival will be held in Hanover, Germany, from the