Walgreens Shooting: Employee Claims Self-Defense After Shooting Pregnant Alleged Shoplifter

A Walgreens employee in Nashville shot a seven-month pregnant woman who was allegedly shoplifting. The employee claims it was self-defense.

In a disturbing incident, a Walgreens employee in Nashville, Tennessee, claimed self-defense after shooting a seven-month pregnant woman who was allegedly shoplifting from the store. The incident occurred just before 8 p.m. on Wednesday, in the parking lot outside the store.

According to the Nashville Police Department, the employee, Mitarius Boyd, saw two women putting items into a large bag and followed them as they left the store without paying for the merchandise. Boyd approached them as they were putting the items in the trunk of their car, and one of the women allegedly sprayed him with mace. Boyd then pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and opened fire.

The wounded suspect, Travonsha Ferguson, 24, who was seven months pregnant, was rushed to a local hospital and underwent an emergency C-Section. The child, who was not injured by the gunfire, is also in critical but stable condition.

Boyd cooperated with detectives, and his gun was seized. Nashville Police are investigating the incident, and Boyd will face charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

A Walgreens spokesperson said that Boyd is no longer employed with the company and that they take the safety of their patients, customers, and team members seriously.

The incident has raised concerns about the use of force and the policies around employee safety and security in retail stores. Walgreens, like many retailers, has faced challenges with theft and security, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the use of lethal force in this situation raises important questions about the appropriate response to alleged shoplifting.