WalletHub study suggests states known for “Defund the Police” are best for police officers.

According to WalletHub's study, states with "Defund the Police" initiatives are the best for police officers. The study ranks states based on factors such as salary, training requirements, job hazards, and protections, with California topping the list. However, the effect of "Defund the Police" on morale and retention rates is not discussed in the study.

WalletHub’s 2023 rankings suggest states known for “Defund the Police” initiatives are the best states for police officers. The top ten include California, D.C, Connecticut, and Maryland, while the bottom ten include Oregon, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

The study considers categories such as salary, training requirements, deaths per capita, education prerequisites, and income growth potentials.

The study has been criticized for not considering the effect of “Defund the Police” initiatives on morale and hiring, with some states seeing significant increases in crime and struggles to retain officers.