Wanted Ohio Man Taunts Police on Facebook, Gets Arrested

An Ohio man with multiple warrants taunted police on Facebook, claiming they couldn't catch him. However, they apprehended him 10 days later.

In a twist of irony, a wanted man from Ohio decided to taunt the police on social media after they posted his photo in an attempt to apprehend him. Tanner Rhinehart, who had multiple warrants for his arrest, commented on the Facebook post shared by the Newark Police Department, saying, “Y’all almost had me the other day, you gotta be quicker than that.”

However, the police proved him wrong. Ten days later, officers successfully captured Rhinehart after he attempted to evade them by jumping into a river. The arresting officers couldn’t hide their smiles at the scene, and they even tagged Rhinehart’s Facebook profile in their update, adding a touch of humor to the situation.

To add to the amusement, Rhinehart had become a “top fan” on the police department’s Facebook page. Commenters couldn’t help but share in the irony, with one remarking, “Guess Tanner had to be ‘quicker than that’,” while another quipped, “If ‘we got the last laugh’ was a photograph.” This incident serves as a reminder that social media platforms can play unexpected roles in real-life situations, even leading to the apprehension of wanted individuals.