Weekly Idol NCT127, the hero of ‘Random Play Dance’

The group NCT127 boasts a performance hero-like aspect through “Random Play Dance.”

“Weekly Idol,” which airs on MBC EveryOne and MBC M on the first day, will feature NCT127 for the second week following last week.

On the same day, NCT 127 challenged “Random Play Dance,” the signature segment of “Weekly Idol.” Among them, member Jaehyun picked “Fire Truck” as the song for the high-level choreography of NCT 127, and MC Kwang-hee said, “I thought it was acrobatical while watching the performance of “Fire Truck” to guess the level of difficulty of NCT 127’s performance.

NCT 127 then struggled to succeed in “Random Play Dance.” They were praised by everyone for completing the group dance formation, which is undaunted by strong choreography, including dance breaks for “Cherry Bomb” and “Hero.” In particular, the youngest, Haechan, showed his quick wit to catch the beat or the part of the song. However, it is rumored that the success of “Random Play Dance” has come to a crisis because of the unexpected situation.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Weekly Idol” airs every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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