West Adams Plant Shop Fights for Its Future Amidst Relocation

The Plant Chica, a community greenhouse turned plant shop in West Adams, faces relocation due to new construction plans.

Sandra Mejia and her husband Bantalem Adis have been running The Plant Chica on Jefferson Boulevard for a little over two years. What was once an auto body shop has been transformed into a community greenhouse and plant shop. However, developers have recently acquired the property, forcing the couple to relocate by June 30.

The news has been difficult for Mejia and Adis, who feel deeply connected to the community they’ve served. “I feel like we’ve done a lot to get to this point, and it’s just… like figuring out the next step,” said Adis. The couple’s priority is to find a new location in the same neighborhood, where Mejia grew up.

Mejia’s passion for plants and community outreach has been at the heart of The Plant Chica’s success. The shop’s “Green Space” has served as a hub for community functions and educational events. The couple hopes to continue this tradition, even if it means transitioning to an online-only model.

On Mother’s Day, The Plant Chica gave out free plants to all mothers, and despite the impending move, business was brisk. Customers expressed their sadness over the news, calling it “disheartening” and “really sad.”

Mejia and Adis remain optimistic about their future, but the uncertainty of the situation is weighing heavily on them. As Mejia put it, “it’s hard to not feel a little bit scared about the future.” Nevertheless, they are determined to keep The Plant Chica alive, even if it means fighting for its future.