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PARK JEONG WOO and HARUTO of YG’s rookie group TREASURE reinterpreted Pop star Liam Payne’s song with their unique Hip-hop vibes.

On April 8 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment revealed PARK JEONG WOO and HARUTO’s cover video for ‘Stack it up’(originally performed by Liam Payne, Feat. A Boogie wit da hoodie) through their official blog.

In the video, PARK JEONG WOO showed off his charismatic vocals as usual. His mild vocal tone made a perfect match with the rhythmical song, digging into the listeners’ hearts. The viewers were able to check his bread music spectrum as the main vocalist of TREASURE. 

HARUTO took the rap part and collaborated with PARK JEONG WOO. He dominated the mood with his unique low-tone rap, while showing off his swag by adding gestures on every bar. On the latter part of the song when HARUTO put in adlibs while PARK JEONG WOO was singing, the two members’ harmony was perfectly presented. 

Prior to the shooting of the cover video, PARK JEONG WOO and HARUTO exchanged opinions in a amicable mood and planned their poses and actions on the spot. Due to their efforts, a high-quality cover song video was born. The two members, who are of the same age, have deep relations as they’ve also previously teamed up during the duo competition on ‘YG TREASURE BOX’. 

TREASURE is currently on a full-scale debut project which began this year. In addition to the cover songs·performance clips which allow the viewers to check the members’ skills and talents, the group is connecting with their fans through various contents including ‘TREASURE MAP’, ‘TMI’, Fact Check’, and ‘A 3 Minute TREASURE’.

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