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부부의 세계’ → ‘야식남녀’ Active
Growing as a lead with solid filmography
Male actor looking forward to more

Actor Lee Hak Joo was cast in ‘야식남녀’.

JTBC’s new drama “야식남녀” depicts a triangular romance of late night healing chef Jing Sung, passionate Pdy Ajin, and well-known designer Tae Wan. Lee Hak Joo will play the role of “Kang Tae Wan” in the play, and will play the lead role with Jung Il Woo and Kang Ji Young.

“Kang Tae Wan” by Lee Hak Joo is a well-established fashion designer with innate delicacy and sense. From the head to the toes, the fashion itself, the chic atmosphere, and the career are perfect without seemingly lacking, but a person who is building a wall that is not visible inside. By chance, he will be the styling of chef ‘Park Jing Sung (Jung Il Woo)’, and is expected to play a major role in the overall play.

With his filmography, he has completely digested the character of his impressive appearance, and he is transformed into a fashion designer this time through ‘야식남녀’, and attention is drawn to what kind of acting breath he will make with Jung Il Woo.

In particular, Lee Hak Joo, who plays an active role as a new stylist of the overwhelming presence that dominates the screen through the topic JTBC ‘부부의 세계’, continues to be active through his new work, ‘야식남녀,’ and grows into a starring role. A lot of people’s attention is focused on what they will give.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new drama “야식남녀”, starring Lee Hak Joo, will be aired on May 25 at 9:30 PM.

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