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The purpose of this event is to encourage the purchase and sales of the album, which will count towards the iTunes chart. Participants will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a chance to win a fan-meeting with the artist.

To enter the raffle, you must place an order through the ‘URL for Raffle’ mentioned above. Participants will automatically enter the raffle upon placing an order during the event period.

Regardless of the number of albums purchased, only one raffle entry will be counted per participant.

The raffle winners will be selected randomly from all event participants who buy the album during the event period from the ‘URL for Raffle.’ The raffle will be processed based on the time of raffle entry and the time of payment for the album. If a participant has already been selected as a winner, a redraw will be conducted to avoid duplication.

Cancelling the album order after entering the raffle will result in exclusion from the raffle.

Even if you do not win the raffle, your purchase/order will not be accepted for returns or refunds after the raffle has ended.

Only the raffle winner is permitted to participate in the fan-meeting.

No, the winning raffle cannot be transferred or sold. If you are found selling or transferring the winning raffle or committing any other fraud, you will be excluded from the winner’s list and will be prohibited from participating in the fan-meeting.

The winners must bring a valid photo ID to enter the fan-meeting on the day of the fan-meeting. A valid photo ID includes IDs that are not expired, including a registration card, driver’s license, passport (issued before December 21, 2020), and South Korean Youth Card (issued by a community service center) for South Korean. For non-South Korean nationals, the IDs include a passport and/or certification of alien registration that are not expired. Other IDs, including student IDs, photocopies, screenshots, certified copies, etc., won’t be considered valid.

Yes, when entering and winning the raffle, in order to confirm the winners, we will collect your personal information (name/date of birth/email/contact number/nationality). The winner announcement and fan-meeting participation will use the information you submitted to the raffle.

If the video call connection fails two times, the next winner will start their turn first. We will try one more time after the next winner finishes the fan-meeting. If you do not or cannot answer the video call again, it will be considered that you will not participate in the fan-meeting, and we will not try another video call.

Yes, for the protection of the artists, a dedicated manager will supervise and observe the fan-meeting proceeding, and if there are any negative behaviors, the video call fan-meeting may be terminated immediately.

Yes, the event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice.

Yes, an English interpreter will be assigned to ensure smooth communication during the fan-meeting.

If you have more questions about the event, you can contact the event organizer or refer to the event details provided in the ‘URL for Raffle’ mentioned above.

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