Additional Everglow Staff Confirmed: ‘Red Flame’ in the entertainment industry with COVID-19

Two staff members of YUEHUA Entertainment, which includes the group Everglow, were confirmed to be COVID-19. Thus, the Korean entertainment industry turned on a red light.

April 3rd, YUEHUA Entertainment said its staff was confirmed to be COVID-19. In addition, he explained that the group also conducted tests and that all of them were tested negative as of today (3 days).

Under the epidemiological investigation, staff members with potential contact were also examined and received some voice, but one more confirmed person was present.

YUEHUA Entertainment said, “One more of our staff members will receive confirmation of COVID-19and deliver related news. The staff said, “I had the closest business contact with the confirmed staff, and I had a meal with them on the 27th of last month, and I was informed of the final confirmation on the 3rd,” adding, “We are currently in hospital treatment.”

With the confirmed coronation of a staff member of YUEHUA Entertainment, SBS MTV’s music program “The Show,” featuring Everglow member Sihyun as the MC, will be cancelled on July 7.

The main character of THE BOYZ, who is the MC with Si-hyun, has been diagnosed with a negative reaction from COVID-19, and Kim Min-kyu is also waiting for the result after conducting a coronation.

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