Pink, primary positive and secondary negative for COVID-19…”Government Failure”

“The government-made comedy and failure” in the face of a lack of domestic diagnostic tests.
1.2 billion won donation…”Please stay home for two weeks.”

Pink has strongly criticized the Trump administration as it reported its COVID-19 diagnostic test.

In an article posted on social media on Thursday (local time), Pink wrote that he and his son recently tested positive for COVID-19, but were tested negative for the test after two weeks of self-price.

Stressing the danger of COVID-19 affecting everyone, he pointed out that “it is a complete comedy and failure made by the government that more people fail to get the COVID-19 diagnostic test.”

Pink then called for the need for extensive free diagnostic tests to protect families, friends and local communities.

Pink called the medical team against Corona 19 “heroes” and said he would donate 1 million U.S. dollars to related funds.

“The next two weeks are very important, so please stay at home,” Pink said, appealing for social distance.

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