Angler Makes Startling Find: Stolen Jeep Discovered Underwater After 30 Years

A fisherman in Kansas stumbled upon a stolen Jeep buried underwater during a fishing trip, leading to a criminal investigation.

John Mounce, an avid fisherman from Wichita, Kansas, set out on a fishing expedition during the Memorial Day weekend with hopes of landing a remarkable catch. Little did he know that the water had a surprise in store for him. While utilizing sonar equipment to locate an ideal fishing spot in Cheney Lake, Mounce made an astonishing discovery—an underwater burial site for a stolen Jeep.

Recalling the moment, Mounce shared, “I was scanning around looking for structure to fish for crappie and something showed up on my side view. I circled back and dropped my Garmin live scope on it and knew immediately it was a Jeep!” The submerged vehicle, completely worn and rusted, was captured on video and in photographs.

In a twist of fate, it was revealed that the Jeep had been reported stolen over three decades ago, turning the fishing trip into a part of an ongoing criminal investigation. Mounce wasted no time and promptly contacted the authorities after catching a crappie off the submerged Jeep.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the Jeep was indeed reported stolen in 1990, but no further details were disclosed. Mounce expressed his surprise and excitement about the remarkable find, stating, “I was shocked and kind of excited at what I’d found.”

Following Mounce’s alert, the authorities took custody of the stolen Jeep, and the Wichita Police Department initiated their own investigation. Efforts have been made to reach out to the vehicle’s owner, although their identity has not been publicly revealed.

The extraordinary discovery made by Mounce has garnered widespread attention, gaining national and even international coverage. Reflecting on the unexpected media frenzy, Mounce expressed his astonishment, saying, “I am completely shocked with how much attention this has caught across the world and media.”