Barbie Introduces Doll with Down Syndrome, Increasing Representation in Toy Aisle

Mattel's Barbie has unveiled its first doll with Down syndrome, featuring redesigned sculpt, clothing, and accessories in collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society. The doll's inclusion marks a significant step towards greater representation and inclusivity in the toy industry. This year, Mattel has introduced a variety of new dolls with different body types, including a Fashionista doll wearing braces and a Ken Fashionista doll with a prosthetic leg.

Barbie has released its first-ever doll with Down syndrome, increasing representation in the toy aisle. The doll was created in collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to ensure accuracy.

The doll’s body and face were designed to represent women with Down syndrome, featuring a shorter frame, longer torso, rounder face, smaller ears, and slightly slanted almond-shaped eyes.

The doll comes with blue and yellow butterfly-themed clothes, which are symbols of Down syndrome awareness, as well as pink ankle-foot orthotics. Mattel executive Lisa McKnight said Barbie plays an essential role in a child’s early experiences and aims to counter social stigma through play.