BlackPink Becomes the Second Korean Artist to Reach 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Who would have thought that this Korean pop girl group would be able to hit the highest YouTube views for a single music video? BlackPink ladies sure know how to make their fans scream worldwide. 

Their group record-setting song video for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” was uploaded last year, specifically June 15, 2018. For a year and 5 months, Blackpink hit the record straight.

Blackpink’ s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” received a lot of awards. To name some are Choice Song: Group at the Teen Choice Awards and Best Dance Video at the MTV Video Music Awards both in 2018. 

In the current year, E! People’s Choice Awards nominated the K-pop group in Group, Concert and Music Video of 2019 for another one of their hits, “Kill this Love”.

The 4-member girl band’s fans known as Blinks worldwide has collected a massive number of messages of congratulations for their achievement. Hashtags such as #Blackpink #Onebillionwithblackpink #HitUWithThat1B.

This K-pop girl group started in 2016 and has been reported to have the highest-charting K-pop act in the Billboard 100 and 200 charts. They have since become so popular. In about 6 hours, their “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” reached 10 million views after the release. 45 days, it claimed 900 million view

Their “Kill this Love” has 640 million views, “Boombayah” got 640 million views and “As If It’s Your Last” were watch 700 million views on YouTube.

BlackPink vs. Contenders

Next to them, DNA, the boy group BTS has the second-highest YouTube views garnering 865 million.

BTS, K-pop royalty broke the record for the most viewed in YouTube within 24 hours after its upload. Their single “Boy with Luv” had 78 million views. The album featured the American Pop Star, Halsey.

However, the first Korean act that reached a billion view is Korea’s famous artist Psy with the “Gangnam Style”. The music video took less than half a year when it reached a billion views in 2012. 

Currently, the video is gaining 3 billion views as of writing.

@LaliceDays made her post “Congratulations again to all of us, especially to #BLACKPINK! We just made another history, but We want you all to keep in mind to remain humble just like our OT4!

Why are they called Blackpink? 

Their name was from the contrast of the perception of femininity that is associated with the colour pink. 

According to their label, YG Entertainment, the group wants to show more than beauties. The group has released 20 tracks since 2016. They have some singles that didn’t make it to the Billboard chart but have gone viral.

This group is also trendy in social media, the group Instagram account has 16.4 million followers as of 2019. Each time they release a new single, their viewers also increase.

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