BLACKPINK, Coachella's 20th anniversary documentary...Appear in the following order over Beyonce

BLACKPINK, Coachella’s 20th anniversary documentary…Appear in the following order over Beyonce

BLACKPINK “Excited by the roar of the audience.”

Group BLACKPINK appeared in a documentary marking Coachella’s 20th anniversary. Black Pink’s global status, which decorated the monumental moment of the largest music festival in the United States with world-class pop stars, has once again been confirmed.

BLACKPINK appeared in the “THE NEXT GENERATION” chapter of the 20th anniversary documentary “Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert” released on Wednesday.

Appearing after Beyonce in the documentary, Black Pink showed explosive performance and singing skills, even though it was the first stage of Coachella. The audience went wild, shouting at every move of BLACKPINK.

In an interview with the production team, Black Pink said, “I thought no one would know our music, but everyone started shouting, ‘BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA.’ It was a really exciting moment,” they said.

Global R&B singer Khalid visited BLACKPINK’s waiting room and greeted the members gladly. In particular, Khalid said, “Congratulations on the debut of the top K-pop girl group (Coachella). I’m looking forward to the stage,” he said, singing the chorus of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” in person and cheering for BLACKPINK.

In addition to Khalid, Coachella founder Paul Tollet, renowned U.S. rapper Jaden Smith and DJ Diplo visited Black Pink’s waiting room at the time. Leading celebrities in the music industry gathered to celebrate BLACKPINK’s debut as Coachella.

Black Pink was invited as a subheadliner to the Coachella Sahara stage in Indio, California, last year. Those who took the stage on behalf of the K-pop group showed overwhelming influence and ripple effect, leaving a strong impression.

It has become a hot topic in the U.S. as well as around the world. BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance was streamed live on a large screen in Times Square, New York, and countless fans flocked to watch it despite the rainy weather.

Shortly after the stage was over, these performances were shared and spread on YouTube and social media. Twitter’s No. 1 ranking in the worldwide real-time trend was “Black Pink X Coachella.” Major foreign media covered their Coachella news, including “Everyone praised BLACKPINK,” “Black Pink’s costume, sharp group dance drew admiration,” and “BLACKPINK’s performance made fans fall in love.”

Experts did not miss out on what the “Coachella Festival” in the U.S. and a historic site to point out the changing trend of modern music. In 2019 Coachella, the media trend of the “online video era” had a big impact, and the phenomenon was reflected in the music industry, including the artist lineup.

Coachella, which began in 1999 and boasts tradition and authority, attracts 200,000 to 300,000 viewers every year. It is known as a “dream stage” that countless musicians aspire to because it selects and invites artists with musicality beyond popular popularity. It is also a festival that exchanges not only music but also trends in culture such as fashion and life style.

Black Pink, along with Coachella, has completed 32 world tours in 23 cities on four continents and four dome tours in three cities in Japan since last year. BLACKPINK is currently preparing for a comeback.

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