Chungha, come back after 10 months...Pre-release single '#1' on 27th

Chungha, come back after 10 months…Pre-release single ‘#1’ on 27th

Singer Chung Ha is making a comeback after 10 months.

Chungha released a surprise image of the new song’s release coming soon with the phrase “CHUNG HA PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #1 COMING SOON 2020. 04. 6PM” on its official social networking service (SNS) at midnight on the

The released image contains a giant sculpture that looks like reaching out to the moon, raising curiosity. Especially, the dark night background and the moody moonlight redoubled the dreamy atmosphere.

Attention is focusing on what kind of music Chung-ha, who predicted her comeback in 10 months since her fourth mini-album “Flourishing” released in June last year, will heat up the music industry this time.

After her official debut as a solo artist in 2017, Chungha has topped various music charts and stood as the country’s leading female solo artist, topping various music charts for every song she releases, including “Why Don’t You Know,” “Roller Coaster,” “Love U,” “Already 12:00” and “Snapping.”

Recently, not only the drama “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 2” and OST “My Love,” but also MNH Entertainment’s newly released music project new song “Honestly Tired.” She also released “Loveship,” a song with Paul Kim. She also proved himself to be a box office queen in name and reality.

Chungha’s pre-released single #1 will be available on the music site before 6 p.m. on April 27.

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