BTS Jin, "Song that played the piano directly in the solo song 'Epiphany'"

BTS Jin, “Song that played the piano directly in the solo song ‘Epiphany'”

BTS Jin’s tastes have been revealed.
A video titled “Liiv M X BTS – Taste Interview “Jin” by KB Kookmin Bank was released on KB Kookmin Bank’s YouTube channel on the morning of the 27th.

In the video, Jin conducted a taste interview in the form of a “telepathy test” with viewers to check their tastes.

Regarding “Amusement Park vs. Zoo,” Jin chose the amusement park, saying, “Amusement parks give me thrills, but zoos lack thrills.”

In the question “Free Park VS Package Travel,” he replied, “Free travel is a little better because you act as you are attracted to something famous there.

Regarding “Guitar melody vs. piano melody,” he said, “Both are good, but it’s because I played the piano while doing the solo song “Epiphany.”

Asked about “suits vs. casual,” he chose “casual,” saying, “There is not a single suit.”

As for “Dance vs. Ballad,” he chose “Dance,” saying, “I’m a dance singer.”

Asked about “Morning vs. Night,” he chose the night, saying, “I never woke up before 1:00 on a day without a schedule.”

As for “Sunny Day vs. Rainy Day,” he said, “Can’t you go outside on rainy days and open windows?” I feel good on a sunny day,” he said.

Meanwhile, BTS has been working as an advertising model for KB Kookmin Bank since February 2018.


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