GOT7 Sold 280,000 Copies of 'DYE' Album.Break its own initial Sales Record

GOT7 Sold 280,000 Copies of ‘DYE’ Album.Break its own initial Sales Record

 GOT7, showed a steady rise in popularity, breaking its own initial sales record.

GOT7’s new album “DYE,” released on the 20th, surpassed the 281,791 initials based on the Hanteo Chart, a record-counting site.

It is the group’s own best record, surpassing the initial record of 224,459 copies of its previous film “Call My Name.”

It also topped Hanteo’s weekly music chart in the fourth week of April.

GOT7, which showed off its record power, began its music broadcasting career on Sunday, starting with Mnet’s “M Countdown.”

The performance of the new song “NOT BY THE MOON” (Not by the Moon), which was first released in the music video, drew attention with the highest level of difficulty.

Numerous points of the song, including its colorful composition, grooves that cannot be taken off the eyes from the beginning to the end, and “Moon Dance,” which expresses the moon, caught viewers’ attention.

In addition to the title track, GOT7 also performed performances of non-title tracks such as “AURA” and “POISON,” showing off their eight-color charm.


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