BTS to open new era of ‘BANG BANG KON’ performances eontaekteu ... fifty million hits around the world record!

BTS to open new era of ‘BANG BANG KON’ performances eontaekteu … fifty million hits around the world record!

“The total number of views for the show is 50.59 million, and the total number of amibam interlocks is 500,000.”

Group BTS has made a new history. The online streaming festival “BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND/below BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND”, which was released on YouTube’s official channel “BANGTANTV” from 12 p.m. on April 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday), recorded 50.59 million views, with the maximum number of simultaneous users jumping over 2.24 million. As the title suggests, “Bangbang Concert” is designed like a concert, tying the actual performances shown at existing concerts and fan meetings so that ARMYs around the world can enjoy BTS concerts in their rooms.

BTS created a new performing culture that cheered and watched inside the house as the “untact era” was held due to the global spread of Corona 19. It is an icon-like move leading the times.

On the 18th, the first day of the year, “2015 BTS LIVE – Hwayangyeonhwa ON STAGE” and “2016 BTS LIVE – Hwayangyeonhwa ON STAGE: EPILOGUE,” as well as the BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE II THE RED BULLET concert held in 2016 [BTS 3 MUSTER+].

Concerts in 2015 and 2016 featured BTS’ singing power and dynamic choreography, including “House of Cards,” “Danger,” “Dope,” “Boy In Luv,” “Fire” and “I NEED U.” The concert, which was held in 2014, then captured the hearts of fans with BTS’ spirit and fresh charm, including “No More Dream,” “Ready Bangtan” and “Paldo Gangsan.” In addition, there were plenty of things to see, including the live performance of the fan meeting, which gives a glimpse of the members’ colorful charms.

On the 19th, the second day, “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR IN SEOUL”, “2017 TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL”, “LOVE YOURSELF SEOUL” concert and 2018 fan meeting [MTSBERTITTLE] It features BTS, which has grown and developed more.

Above all, what’s noteworthy about this “Bangbang Concert” is that it has presented a new viewing culture by bringing together Ami from all over the world beyond just watching the performances. Big Hit Entertainment provided fans with a new experience by connecting cheering sticks around the world (hereinafter referred to as “Amibam”) through community platform Weverse. When watching the Bangbang Concert on Weverse, the color of the Amibam varies according to the audio signal of the video when connected in Bluetooth mode, making fans feel as if they were gathering in one place and cheering together. Following the new style of performances, BTS has also achieved a special viewing culture, serving as a hub for the “untact era.” Instead of simply offering online streaming performances for fans, they went a step further and brought together Ami from all over the world, focusing on how fans can cheer and enjoy themselves hotly

About 500,000 Amibam were linked in 162 regions around the world for two days, and real-time comments supporting BTS were constantly poured out on YouTube’s “BTS TV,” as well as social networking services and Weverse. Fans shared a view of enjoying concerts with hashtags of “#BangBangCon” and “#BangBangCon” on SNS and Weverse while enjoying performances along with the Amibam interworking system that changes color in real time. About 6.46 million hashtags were posted on Weverse and Twitter over the past two days.

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