TOMORROW X TOGETHER YEONJUN Unveils 'Song Cry' Cover…a charming tone

TOMORROW X TOGETHER YEONJUN Unveils ‘Song Cry’ Cover…a charming tone

Group TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun released a cover song for fans.

Tomorrow X Together on Thursday introduced “Song Cry,” a rebirth of the Fed’s voice, through its official SNS channel.

In the released song, the Fed reinterpreted U.S. singer-songwriter August Alsina’s “Song Cry” in its own style. A unique tone with R&B sentiment gives a different charm from the original song.

It is the first time for the Fed to release a cover song under its name. In particular, it is a vocal that feels different from the voice in the existing TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s album, and the fan club MOA is waiting for TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s comeback.

In addition, he released a black-and-white photo of the Fed sitting in his studio, drawing attention. TOMORROW X TOGETHER is showing a different charm by releasing cover songs such as Taehyun’s “Over And Over Again” and “In My Blood” sung by the five members together.

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