BTS V confesses honestly, 'I live a lot in my room'

BTS V confesses honestly, ‘I live a lot in my room’

The taste of BTS’ V has been revealed.
A video titled “Liiv M X BTS – Taste Interview “V” by KB Kookmin Bank was released on KB Kookmin Bank’s YouTube channel Friday afternoon.

In the video, V conducted a taste interview in the form of a “telepathy test” with viewers to check their tastes.

In the video, V chose “a zoo” when asked the first question, “Amusement park vs. a zoo,” and said he liked to see animals since he was young.

Among “free travel vs. package tours,” he chose “free travel” and replied, “I want to travel when I want to go.”

Asked about “room vs. outing,” V said, “I can’t choose this one.” But he went on to say, “I’m living a lot in my room these days. I don’t really like going out and playing,” he frankly confessed.

Asked about “dance vs. ballad,” he chose “ballad” and “familiar place vs. “new place.”

“I also want to visit and experience new places,” V added.

Asked about the “photo vs. video,” he said, “I think it’s a picture,” adding, “Of course, the video has merit, but the picture really has a lot of meaning.” I think the picture fits me better,” he said.

Meanwhile, BTS has been working as an advertising model for KB Kookmin Bank since February 2018.

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