Budweiser releases limited-edition MLB team cans

Budweiser, the longest-standing sponsor of MLB, releases limited-edition beer cans featuring 14 MLB teams, including the LA Dodgers, with unique skylines relevant to each team's city. Fans can purchase cans in participating cities.

As baseball season kicks off, Budweiser, the MLB’s longest-standing sponsor, is celebrating by releasing limited-edition beer cans featuring 14 MLB teams across the league, including the Los Angeles Dodgers. These new cans feature the club’s iconic logo and team colors, as well as a unique skyline relevant to the team’s city.

The 2023 limited-edition release includes cans for a range of teams, from the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago Cubs to the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. For the first time ever, each team’s skyline will be included on the can, giving fans a unique representation of their team’s city.

The release of these limited-edition cans is just one example of the long-standing relationship between Budweiser and the MLB. As the official beer sponsor of the league, Budweiser has a history of supporting the sport and its fans, from sponsoring the All-Star Game and the World Series to offering unique fan experiences and merchandise.

Fans of the featured teams can purchase these limited-edition cans at locations where Budweiser is sold in participating cities. So, crack open a cold one and enjoy a game of baseball with a limited-edition Budweiser can featuring your favorite team’s logo and skyline.