Cat Controversy on UCLA Campus

Students at UCLA's Delta Terrace dorm are trying to find homes for feral cats after signs warning of food bowl removal appeared in the area.

Several feral cats, including Tux, a tuxedo cat, have been roaming near Delta Terrace on UCLA’s campus. Students have been feeding the cats, but signs have been posted threatening to take away the food bowls because of concerns about attracting pests and other animals.

The students argue that removing the food bowls won’t solve the problem, and that the area’s many trash cans will continue to attract pests. They are now working to find alternative solutions to take care of the cats as the school year comes to an end.

Devon May, one of the dorm residents who feeds Tux and other cats, has already found someone to domesticate the cats and find them forever homes. The students have already trapped one of the cats and hope to catch the remaining two before the school year ends.