EXO ‘Sim For You’ will be back in season 3.Unidentified Member’s Childhood Photo Hint Revealed

“EXO’s Relay Video Recorder – Heart 4 U” will be back in season 3. The identity of the main character is revealed in a completely different way.

Through a special mission, puzzle pieces of “Unreleased childhood photos” of the main character of season 3 of “EXO’s Relay Video Recorder – Sim For You” will be unveiled sequentially. It raises expectations about who will be the main character in the photo, which has never been released.

“EXO’s Relay Video Recording – Sim For You” (hereinafter referred to as “Sim For You”) is a video recording that shows the real daily life and honest stories that EXO members have become the main characters.  

In season 1 of “Sim For You,” EXO’s eldest brother Xiumin was the main character, and in season 2, EXO’s emotional vocalist Chen was the main character. In season 1, Xiumin was loved by the public, revealing all of his unpretentious daily lives that he had never seen before, setting a milestone of “10 million views in the shortest period of time among the V Original in 2019.” In the ensuing season 2, special music friends Kwon Jung-yeol, Ko Young-bae, Yang Da-il and Lim Han-byul of Soran, along with Chen and Cho Jung-chi, went on busking trips across the country, creating a sensation.

Amid growing questions about who will be the next runner of “Sim For You,” which has been loved for two seasons, the first teaser to provide hints for the season’s three main characters was unveiled on the 7th through SM C&C STUDIO Naver VLIVE POST.

In the first teaser released, the puzzle of “Unreleased childhood photos” by the next runner of “Sim For You,” which has never been exposed, was unveiled as a clue. As of 1 p.m., only the border puzzle of the photo was released, and if more than 522 comments are posted, the next puzzle pieces will be randomly released.

According to the production team, the rest of the puzzle pieces’ release time is all closely related to the “Sim For You” season’s third main character, which further raises interest.

In the second teaser, which will be released on the 9th, one of the EXO members will appear to introduce the main character of “Sim For You – Season 3,” while the third teaser will feature a special concept teaser that has not been seen in “Sim For You” so far. The concept teasers of “Sim For You – Season 3” will draw keen attention from viewers.

“Sim For You – Season 3” will be pre-released every Sunday night at 10 p.m. through V LIVE FANSHIP from the 12th, and will be available on VLIVE and Naver TV’s SM C&C STUDIO channel for eight weeks from the 28th.

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