Justin Bieber Following BTS’ ‘Spring Day’ Fanchant

U.S. singer Justin Bieber copied BTS’ fan chant on social media.

Justin Bieber posted a short video on his Instagram on the 6th (East Time) saying, “I’ve lost my mind.”

In the video, Justin Bieber sang along to BTS’ song “Spring Day” and said, “Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-ki, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min…He shouted the real names of the BTS members in Korean order.

Earlier, BTS and Justin Bieber had revealed their friendship several times. In January, BTS member Jungkook promoted the song on Twitter when Justin Bieber’s new song “Yummy” was released, and Justin Bieber captured it and posted it on his Instagram, leaving a message saying “Thank you.” Last year, Justin Bieber tweeted congratulations on Jungkook’s birthday.


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