Father fights off burglar to protect family and mobile recording studio

A father in Mid-City fights off a burglar who returned to wipe his fingerprints after stealing $25,000 worth of electronics from a mobile recording studio used for a comedy podcast. The father's actions were captured on security video, and he has called on the LA mayor to take action against nearby homeless encampments.

A father fights off a burglar in his Mid-City backyard after the thief returned to wipe his fingerprints. The incident was captured on security video, which showed the father’s “animal instinct” kick in as he defended his home and children.

The burglar had already stolen electronics worth $25,000 from the father’s mobile recording studio, used for his comedy podcast. The father believes the burglar is from a nearby RV homeless encampment and has called on the LA mayor to take action.

He has set up a GoFundMe page to rebuild his studio and wants the burglar caught and brought to justice.