Fresh WINNER You Trust and Listen to… ‘Hold’ Tops 5 Domestic Music Charts+No.1 on iTunes in 16 Different Countries

While group WINNER(YOON, JINU, MINO, HOONY) is receiving positive reviews for their song ‘Hold’, which was ranked high on various music charts, the MV behind the scenes video was revealed. 

On March 27 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the ‘Hold’ MV behind the scenes video through their official blog.

In the video, charming props used for the video including a book with the title ‘The standard of Hold’, an analog TV, and an iron grabbed the viewers’ attention. WINNER introduced the filming scene with their cute appearances while wearing bowl cut wigs.

MINO wrote and composed the song ‘Hold’. Regarding the new song, he explained, “It’s a song that expresses the emotions one can feel during a fling, when the other person plays hard. I made the lyrics catchy since I wanted to make music which the listeners can imagine fun situations at once”. 

LEE SU HYUN of AKMU made a special appearance on the MV for ‘Hold’ and presented acting as ‘4 brothers and 1 sister’ with the members of WINNER. The older brothers who want to intervene on their little sister(SU HYUN)’s date have a quarrel, which is presented in a comic way.

YOON stated, “The concept was a family sitcom, so we put many interesting elements. We put in our free, cute, and jolly charms”.

WINNER also explained the finger dance of ‘Hold’, which is becoming a hot topic on social media. JINU explained, “It’s a dance MINO saw in his dreams. He filmed it with his camera as soon as he woke up, which was the birth of the ‘Hold finger dance’”. 

The members then mentioned the feet syncing choreography and thanked the fans who are always supporting the group by stating, “We’ve prepared hard to show you something new, which WINNER did not try before”. 

The pre-release single ‘Hold’ from WINNER’s upcoming third full album ‘Remember’ topped 5 major music charts in Korea, after its release on the 26th.

Furthermore, the song topped iTunes charts in 16 different countries in addition to the K-Pop and Pop categories of iTunes Japan. The hashtag ‘HOLDWINNER’ also ranked at no. 1 on the Worldwide Trend rankings of Twitter, proving the song’s global popularity.

WINNER will perform ‘Hold’ live for the first time on the 30th at 9 PM through their Naver Comeback Live, ‘WINNER COMEBACK LIVE : Hold a ‘Remember’ Party’. On April 9 at 6 PM, the group will release their third full album ‘Remember’, which will contain a total of 12 tracks including ‘Hold’.

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