Funeral Home Director Pleads Guilty to Theft Charges After Discovery of Decomposing Bodies

The director of an Indiana funeral home pleads guilty to felony theft after 31 decomposing bodies were found at the facility.

The director of Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center in Jeffersonville, Randy Lankford, has pleaded guilty to over 40 counts of felony theft. The charges stem from Lankford’s failure to complete funeral services that had been paid for by families.

The investigation began after the county coroner’s office reported a strong odor coming from the funeral home. Authorities discovered 31 decomposing bodies and the cremains of 17 others, some of which had been at the facility since March. Lankford faces a proposed sentence of four years in prison and eight years of home incarceration, along with restitution totaling $46,000 to be paid to 53 families.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 23. Despite the difficulties faced by the affected families, some have expressed forgiveness towards Lankford.