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TMI NEWS’ examines idol stars’ luxury fashion items.

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS,” which will air on July 15, will introduce the chart under the theme of “IDOL wearing the most expensive fashion item.” Introducing expensive items that make people’s mouths pop among the countless fashion items of stars who make headlines whenever they wear them. It is curious to know who has a 30 million won model called a dream model among watch collectors, and who has a huge fashion item of 540 million won.

G-Dragon's $500,000 watch, a luxury fashion item picked by Han Hye-yeon

Today’s broadcast will feature stylist Han Hye-yeon, who has been in charge of styling for superstars, as an intern reporter, adding to the fun of watching by releasing fashion information and expertise. Asked to pick the best-dressed idol and an idol who is likely to pull off even difficult clothes, Han introduces each member’s fashion, referring to her pick.

She said, “He’s a man of unrivaled fashion sense. He doesn’t follow trends, but he lead them,” she said on today’s broadcast. In addition, Han Hye-yeon is expected to draw attention by introducing various information such as fashion items that will be popular in the 2020 S/S season, luxury products that can be recommended as couple items, and expensive items among sponsored items.

In addition, today’s show will also introduce idol members who showed their swag and various directing skills with relatively inexpensive items.

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS,” which offers unique fun of chart shows that select and rank various idol-related topics every week and even vivid experiences of guests related to chart topics, airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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