“It’s Bigger Than Us” Nonprofit Brings Hope to LA’s Underserved Communities

"It's Bigger Than Us" is a nonprofit organization founded in 2020 to help underserved families in Los Angeles. Their mission is to provide resources, including health screenings and basic necessities, to all communities so that everyone can thrive. The organization has grown and built partnerships to better serve the community.

In the wake of the pandemic and social unrest in 2020, Tyrone Nance, Founder and CEO of “It’s Bigger Than Us,” decided to take action. He envisioned a nonprofit that could make a difference by providing solution-based resources to underserved families in Los Angeles.

The organization started with just a dozen of Nance’s friends from Crenshaw High and a few locals. However, as the needs of the community grew, so did the organization. Now, every Tuesday and Friday, volunteers from “It’s Bigger Than Us” gather at 69th in Western and Leimert Park Village, respectively, to provide basic necessities and health screenings to underserved communities.

According to Nance, “It’s Bigger Than Us” is not just about food and clothing. It’s about building partnerships across the board and gathering resources to better serve the community. The goal is to go from outreach to programming to policy change, and Nance believes that anyone can make a difference in their community with their skills, talents, and gifts.

“Our tagline here is, in order to bridge gaps, you need bridge builders,” Nance said. “So we want to encourage anybody that is, whether they’re a volunteer or they consider themselves an advocate for change or an activist, they have a place in serving their community with their skills, their talents, their gift things, their jobs. All of that matters to help shape the ecosystem.”

“It’s Bigger Than Us” is making a change in Los Angeles by providing hope and resources to underserved communities. With their commitment to bridging gaps and building partnerships, they are proving that together, we can make a difference.