Four arrested in connection with AK-47 robbery in West Hollywood

Four suspects have been arrested by Beverly Hills police officers in connection with a robbery involving AK-47s in West Hollywood. Authorities believe they are the same suspects sought for a similar robbery last week. Two suspects, Briana Threets and Keymaurie Clark, both of Oakland, were identified by the Beverly Hills PD. The other two suspects were a 15-year-old boy and girl whose names were not released. Video footage showed the moment three suspects, one armed with an AK-47, approached and robbed two men in an alley.

Four individuals have been arrested in connection with a West Hollywood robbery involving AK-47s, which authorities believe is linked to a similar incident.

The suspects, including two teenagers and two adults from Oakland, were arrested by Beverly Hills police officers. The previous robbery occurred on April 25th and involved three suspects, one armed with an assault rifle and two with handguns, who robbed three individuals in an alleyway.

One victim was hit in the face with a handgun, and a passerby was also robbed. Officials have urged anyone with information to contact the authorities.