JUNKYU of YG’s Rookie Group TREASURE Goes on a Fact Check on His Jump Rope Skills, “Can Perform 300 Double Jump Ropes”

HARUTO of YG’s rookie group TREASURE went on to fact check JUNKYU’s jump rope skills.

On April 6 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded the ‘Fact Check – JUNKYU’s Jump Ropes’ Episode through their official blog and TREASURE’s social media channels.

In the video, HARUTO asked JUNKYU, “I heard you can perform 300 of them(double jump ropes)?” and JUNKYU made the viewers laugh by hesitantly responding, “I’ll do my best”.

During the TREASURE special live broadcast last year on February, JUNKYU surprised the members and fans by revealing, “I almost do 300 double jump ropes”.

JUNKYU put HARUTO in awe by successfully performing double jump ropes consecutively. However, he fell into the floor after completing 68 on his first try, which was way below 300.

JUNKYU explained, “I never said I can do them in a row. I can fill up 300”. He calmed his mind and challenged again but did not manage to exceed the numbers.

HARUTO confidently offered JUNKYU, “Why don’t we split the numbers?”. JUNKYU quarreled with HARUTO and responded, “You can’t do it”.

HARUTO succeeded in performing 22 consecutive jump ropes on his first try, failing to reach his own expectations. But he showed his desire to win and reached a total of 200 with JUNKYU.

Towards JUNKYU who had to perform the remaining 100, HARUTO offered, “If you can do them 100 in a row, I’ll buy you cider whenever you want for the next week”. JUNKYU could not perform 100 of them in a row, but filled up the 300, completing his fact check.

JUNKYU stated, “It not a fact(that I can perform 300 double jump ropes). I’m sorry”. He continued, “I was supposed to perform 300, but kind HARUTO finished 100 for me”, and made an applause with HARUTO to celebrate each other. The two people then successfully performed a couple double jump rope as an ending.

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