BTS 'Bang bang Con' April 18-19

BTS ‘BANG BANG CON’ April 18-19

The day we were going to perform in Seoul for the world tour.

They show their past tours instead of live concerts.

BTS will hold an online concert for gloomy fans with COVID19. On April 10, according to BTS SNS, BTS will hold a two-day concert online titled “BANG BANG CON” from April 18-19. BANG BANG CON is short for “BTS Concert Enjoying in a Room.” In Korean, ‘Bang’ means ‘room.’

April 18-19 was originally the day to hold a concert in Seoul during BTS’ world tour. Fans were saddened by the cancellation of the concert with COVID 19, which means BTS paid back with an online event. It’s not a live performance, but it shows the tour concert that BTS has been doing. On the 18th, at 12 o’clock on the day, “2015 BTS Live <HYYH ON Stage>”, “2014 BTS Live <Trilogy>”, “2017 THE WINGS TOUR FINAL”, “2018 World Tour Love Yourself In Seoul”, etc. will be aired for two days. . You can watch it through ‘BTS’, YouTube channel of BTS.

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