K-pop radar, 16th week YouTube chart release...MCMD and CRAVITY stand out between (G)I-DLE and APINK two-top

K-pop radar, 16th week YouTube chart release…MCND and CRAVITY stand out between (G)I-DLE and APINK two-top

(G)I-dle with exceptional charm, Apink with 9th anniversary potential, and new MCND and Cravity are gaining global YouTube public attention.

On the 21st, K-pop radar (Operation Space Auditor) released YouTube views chart for the 16th week of 2020 (April 12-18) through its official channel.

According to the release, the 16th week of YouTube public received favorable reviews from annual attractive players such as Apink, MCND, and Cravity, while maintaining interest in (G)I-dle, who returned with an unconventional concept.

First of all, (G)I-dle recorded 21.35 million views within the tally period with its new song “Oh My God,” achieving the top spot for two consecutive weeks following last week.

In particular, not only the rise across the globe, but also the 50 million views of the “Lion” music video released through “Queendom” and the rise in the size of the fandom simultaneously show the presence of (G)I-dle as an emerging trend.

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