Los Angeles Clippers Fans Among the Top 10 Smartest in the NBA, Study Finds

A study by Gambling.com ranks Los Angeles Clippers fans as among the smartest in the NBA, highlighting their loyalty and education levels.

According to a study conducted by Gambling.com, Los Angeles Clippers fans have been recognized as some of the smartest fans in the NBA. The study explored the educational background and intellect of social media followers of each NBA team, with each additional year of education contributing to an increase in IQ points.

The dedicated fan base of the Clippers, known for their unwavering support despite the team’s lack of championship success, ranked 8th in the list of the top 10 smartest fan bases. The study revealed that nearly 56% of Clippers fans are likely to have a high school education.

In contrast, their cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, received a less favorable ranking, placing 27th on the list. Only fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and Golden State Warriors ranked lower.

The study not only highlights the loyalty of Clippers fans but also recognizes their intellectual engagement and educational achievements. Despite the team’s historical challenges, the Clippers continue to enjoy a passionate and knowledgeable fan base.