Southern California Couple Completes 30-Day Journey to Visit 30 Baseball Stadiums

A couple from Southern California fulfills their dream of visiting 30 baseball stadiums in 30 days, paying tribute to loved ones along the way.

Alan and Judi Wapner, residents of Ontario, California, embarked on an extraordinary adventure to visit 30 baseball stadiums across America. Their month-long journey, which spanned over 6,800 miles and involved numerous flights and road trips, held a deep significance for the couple.

Coinciding with their upcoming 30th wedding anniversary in August, the Wapners meticulously planned their trip, starting in Arlington, Texas, and traversing approximately 20 states and two countries. While the logistics posed challenges, such as unpredictable weather conditions, the couple persevered, driven by their shared love for the game.

One particularly poignant moment occurred when Judi had the opportunity to watch her nephew, who had previously played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, take the field for the Philadelphia Phillies. This experience held special meaning as Judi’s late father had been an ardent fan of her nephew’s Dodgers career, and witnessing his game was a tribute to his memory.

The motivation behind their ambitious journey was rooted in Judi’s father’s passion for baseball. Following his passing, he left them a small inheritance, and in honor of his lifelong dedication to the sport and the couple’s own deep connection to baseball, they embarked on this unforgettable adventure.

For Judi, the trip was also a testament to embracing life to the fullest. Having lost her mother to Huntington’s disease, a terminal illness affecting movement and memory, Judi discovered that she carries the same gene. Inspired by her mother’s resilience, she emphasized the importance of seizing the present moment and cherishing every opportunity.

With a heartfelt message to her father, Judi expressed her love and longing for him. Their journey to visit all 30 baseball stadiums became a powerful tribute, symbolizing the enduring bonds of family and the pursuit of dreams.

The Wapners’ remarkable journey not only fulfilled their bucket list dream but also exemplified the profound meaning and joy that can be found in shared experiences and the celebration of life’s passions.