MAMAMOO Hwasa, featured by Dua Lipa, a new song

Group Mamamoo Hwasa participated in featuring the remix version of the new song “Physical” by pop star Dua Lipa.

The agency RBW said Thursday that Hwa Sa participated in Dua Lipa’s featuring of her new song “Physical,” which will be released at noon on Wednesday.

In December last year, Hwasa was on stage with Dua Lipa through “2019 MAMA.” At that time, Hwasa performed Dua Lipa’s cover performance of her hit song “New Rules,” and Dua Lipa responded with a hug and gave her a warm feeling.

The collaboration song, which came out of the world after three months, was made when Hwasa responded to Dua Lipa’s request.

The agency raised expectations by saying that since the two individual artists are scheduled to meet and create an all-time musical synergy, we ask for a lot of interest and expectations.

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