EVERGLOW, YouTube ‘Double 100 Million View’

“Adios” and “Dun Dun” achieved 100 million views in a row by one day.

Two new girl group EVERGLOW music videos have surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in a row.

The music video for Everglow’s “Adios” topped 100 million YouTube views on March 31, according to its agency YUE HUA The music video for “DUN DUN,” the title track of the first mini-album “Reminiscence,” also joined the same ranks on Wednesday.

“Adios” is the title track of Everglow’s second single “Hush,” released in August last year, giving the group its first music show No. 1 since its debut. Released in February, “Dun Dun” was a hit song soon after its release, topping YouTube’s K-pop daily and weekly views.

“It is unusual for two music videos to reach 100 million views at the same time,” the agency said. “We can see the potential of Everglow, who has grown into a global group.”

Everglow is a six-member rookie girl group that debuted in March last year with the single “ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW.” It consists of Korean members such as  E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda and Aisha, as well as Chinese members.

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