NU'EST-SEVENTEEN encourages "to keep social distance due to COVID19" with its logo...good influence

NU’EST-SEVENTEEN encourages “to keep social distance due to COVID19” with its logo…good influence

Group NU’EST and SEVENTEEN have joined the “Social Distance Setting Campaign.”

NU’EST and SEVENTEEN are drawing attention from global fans by unveiling their changed logos through their respective official SNS accounts and fan cafes on the afternoon of the 2nd, encouraging a “social distance campaign” to prevent COVID19.

First of all, NU’EST and SEVENTEEN’s logos are displayed so that none of the shapes in the existing logos can reach each other as they fall apart, allowing them to understand the meaning of “social distance” at once, while also showing a sample of perfect distance.

Their changed SNS headers are also noticeable. NU’EST used its English-language notation, “NU’EST,” which was completed with the idea of placing seven additional quotes inserted in the middle to distance it from “NU” and “EST.”

In particular, SEVENTEEN’s header delivered a direct message with the phrase “KEEP DISTANCE,” meaning distance.

As such, NU’EST and SEVENTEEN have been posting logos on SNS accounts that practice the “Social Distance Keeping Campaign,” giving good influence to fans.

Meanwhile, NU’EST will meet fans through various activities in the future, and SEVENTEEN released its second Japanese single “Fallin’ Flower” on the 1st.

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