ONEUS, cover of 2PM's "My House."Popularity Award for Cover Dance Challenge in 'Dancing Idol'

ONEUS, cover of 2PM’s “My House.”Popularity Award for Cover Dance Challenge in ‘Dancing Idol’

Group ONEUS perfectly performed 2PM’s “My House” cover dance.

On April 18, ONEUS showed off its outstanding dance skills at the massive idol dance festival “Dancing Idol” on SBS’ K-pop YouTube channel “SBS KPOP.”

“Dancing Idol” is a new concept dance variety featuring K-pop cover dances by hot rookies in the music industry, featuring a total of six idol groups, including ONEUS. On the same day, ONEUS selected 2PM’s “My House” at the “Legend K-pop Cover Dance Challenge” section, which showcases cover dances by senior idols, and caught the eye at once with its fascinating groove and watery visuals. He gave off restrained sexiness with his performance featuring dance lines, facial expressions and quick control, and completed a more delicate and provocative stage, drawing enthusiastic response.

ONEUS, cover of 2PM's "My House."Popularity Award for Cover Dance Challenge in 'Dancing Idol'

As a result, she enjoyed the joy of winning the “Legend K-pop Cover Dance Challenge” popularity award, receiving a total of three votes from the idol groups who also starred together.

Since then, Hwan Woong and Geon Hee have participated in the “Random Cover Dance Battle” as team representatives and dominated the stage with their energetic performances.

In addition, Hwanwoong perfectly performed Super Junior’s “Black Suit” dance at the center, which includes MC Shin Dong, and drew attention by clearly revealing the presence of the main dancer.

ONEUS said, “It was such a fun time because I was able to enjoy the atmosphere of various artists coming out and having a festival together. I’d appreciate it if you love ONEUS’s “A Song written easily” and all the K-pop artists,” he said.

Meanwhile, ONEUS will appear on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” which airs at 3:50 p.m. on April 19, and will stage “A Song written easily.”

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