ONEUS of “Weekly Idol” and TWICE’s “Feel Special” cover stage

Group ONEUS has recreated TWICE’s “Feel Special” in ONEUS’ own color.

ONEUS, returning with its new song “A Song Written Easily,” showed various charms as well as TWICE’s cover on “Weekly Idol,” which will air on MBC Everyone and MBC M at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

With his new song “Easy Written Song,” ONEUS demonstrates a wide range of musical capabilities and shows further evolution. Also, MONSTA X members Minhyuk and Kihyun, who came as special MCs, showed off their sense of entertainment with ONEUS with their witty talks.

Lee Do, a member who is usually known for his low-pitched cave voice, sang “Start” by Gaho, the OST for the drama “Lee Tae-won Class,” giving him a different charm. Then, ONEUS, who had made eye contact with viewers with powerful group dances ranging from their debut songs “Valkyrie” to “Twilight” and “LIT,” boasted a reversal charm with a special vocal stage. They performed a ballad version with a spoonful of emotion added to TWICE’s “Feel Special,” showing off their rich vocals.

In addition, ONEUS challenged the “face master singer” section that would keep fans awake. Among them, Hwan-woong, a member called “Kukguk Sexy,” surprised everyone by wearing a fatal look when the music played, unlike his brightly smiling appearance. In addition, member Gunhee showed off her extreme cuteness, and special MC Minhyuk said, “You’re so good! It’s number one in my heart!” he praised.

TWICE’s “Feel Special” cover stage, which was introduced by stage genius group ONEUS, can be seen on “Weekly Idol” and Netflix, which will air on Tuesday.

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