Owner of dog that bit customer’s face at Home Depot found

Colorado authorities have found the owner of a dog that severely injured a customer's face at a local Home Depot. The victim had given the dog a treat as part of the owner's training efforts. After the attack, the owner and the dog left the store while the victim required facial surgery. Authorities found the dog's owner after alerting the public.

A dog owner has been found by Colorado authorities after her dog severely injured a customer at a local Home Depot. The incident occurred on April 6th in Evergreen, when the owner asked the customer to give her dog a treat to aid in its training.

The customer obliged, but the dog then bit the victim on the face, causing serious injuries that require facial surgery. The owner and her dog left the store before store employees could intervene. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office alerted the public and was able to locate the owner later that night.