Riverside Police Rearrest ‘Snake Burglar’ in Connection to Over 70 Commercial Burglaries

Christopher Michael Jackson was arrested again for breaking into more than 70 businesses since July 2021. Police urge businesses to be cautious.

Christopher Michael Jackson, known as the ‘snake burglar,’ has been rearrested by Riverside police in connection to over 70 commercial burglaries since July 2021. The suspect earned his nickname due to his modus operandi of removing a windowpane to enter a business, then crawling along the floor to avoid setting off any motion detectors before cutting open safes and making off with the cash.

Jackson was arrested on several occasions before and was sentenced to serve six sentences of 16 months in jail. But due to jail overcrowding, he served less than 10 days. Since his release in November 2022, he victimized several businesses in Riverside, leading to his most recent arrest on April 12th.

Police are urging local businesses to take caution and protect themselves while advocating for changes in laws to protect residents and businesses. During his most recent arrest, Jackson was found with methamphetamine, leading to additional narcotics violations.