Street Takeover Leads to Looting in Compton

A street takeover in Compton led to looting, with thousands of dollars of merchandise taken from a local business. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was called to the scene, but was unable to intervene due to safety concerns.

Overnight on Saturday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to several reports of street takeovers in the 1900 block of Alondra Boulevard. Video taken from the scene shows a massive crowd of people kicking down the door of a gas station at the corner of Alondra Boulevard and S. Central Avenue before rushing into the store and looting it.

The looters were able to take thousands of dollars of merchandise, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was unable to intervene due to safety concerns. The crowd greatly outnumbered the deputies on the scene, making it unsafe for them to take action.

The incident highlights the dangers of street takeovers and the impact they can have on local businesses. As communities continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, events like street takeovers and looting only add to the challenges facing small business owners. It is important for law enforcement agencies to work with local communities to prevent these types of incidents and ensure the safety of both residents and businesses.

Residents of Compton and neighboring areas are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. Together, we can work to create a safe and secure environment for all.