Riverside Residents Demand Road Safety Measures after Fatal Crash at Town Hall Meeting

Riverside residents express concerns about road safety and demand action following a tragic wrong-way crash that claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy and left his siblings seriously injured.

A town hall meeting was held in Riverside to address the pressing issue of road safety, prompted by a recent fatal accident that devastated the community. Concerned residents gathered to discuss the dangerous conditions of various streets, including Arlington and Stover Avenues, where a violent head-on collision occurred on May 16.

According to Riverside police, the collision took place at 7:30 a.m. when a 22-year-old driver of a white Honda inexplicably veered into oncoming traffic, resulting in a devastating crash with a gray Nissan carrying four siblings who were en route to school. Tragically, an 8-year-old boy lost his life, while his 10-year-old sister and 16-year-old brother sustained serious injuries.

During the town hall meeting, residents voiced their distress and advocated for justice on behalf of the injured siblings and their mother, who was unable to attend due to her constant presence at the hospital. Abigail Hudson, a close family friend, emphasized the need for action to prevent further fatalities, urging public officials to address the issue and find solutions.

Representatives from the Riverside Police Department and city leaders, including Councilmember Steve Hemenway, were present at the meeting to listen to residents’ concerns. However, no concrete solutions were proposed during the gathering.

To support the grieving family and assist with funeral expenses and medical bills, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched in memory of Obed, the 8-year-old victim of the tragic collision.

As the investigation into the crash continues, the 22-year-old driver of the Honda remains in critical condition, and authorities are working diligently to determine the cause of the accident. The incident has ignited a call for improved road safety measures in Riverside to prevent further loss of life.