Road to Kingdom, first round singers vote "Shock"

Road to Kingdom, first round singers vote “Shock”

“Road to Kingdom” was ranked by votes among singers from the first round.

An entertainment industry official told Daily Sports on the 15th, “The first competition of Mnet’s ‘Road to Kingdom’ held on the 7th was held as a stage to reinterpret the songs of the legendary boy group.”

Due to the “Produce 101” unfair case and COVID 19, the recording was carried out without notice, and the competition was held in the presence of officials from each management. In the end, the method of ranking was voted among the singers. Each of the seven teams who finished the contest cast a vote for the team that showed the most impressive performance, except for their own team. The ranking will be set at around 60 people, which will again raise the issue of sincerity even before the broadcast. Moreover, attention is being paid to what kind of aftermath the vote will face after the vote.

In the first contest, Oneus covered H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant” and Berry reinterpreted Seventeen’s “Mansae.” ONF chose SHINee’s “Every Day” and The Boyz chose Taemin’s “Danger” to digest their solo song as a group dance song. Golden Child covered the mythical “T.O.P.” to cover costumes and soft group dance reminiscent of swans, Pentagon covered Block B’s “Very Good” and TOO followed TVXQ’s “Lising Sun” in a red costume of passion.

Apart from the results of the contest, the preference survey was conducted, with the number one Golden Child of THE BOYZ coming in third.

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